How To Junk A Car


How To Junk A Car Safely And Legally

Do you have a car that you no longer want? Many of us do but we have no idea what to do with it. We don’t want to just give it away because we worked hard to purchase that car. So what should you do? Let’s talk about a couple of ways how to junk a car. You see, when you junk a car you can make a little money in the process.

When most people think of junking a car they think about taking it to a junk yard and selling the parts or car auctions. And while that is one of the options we will discuss, including eBay Motors, it is not the only one. You can actually junk a car by selling it to someone else. As the saying goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure. If you no longer want your car but it is still in good condition, you can sell it to someone who needs a car. You probably won’t get paid Kelley Blue Book value. All you need to do is place an ad in your local newspaper or on Craigslist cars for sale by owner and you are bound to find a few interested parties.

The second way how to junk a car is to salvage it. This is probably the most popular way to junk a car. There are a ton of salvage companies that buy junk cars for the sole purpose of dismantling them and using the parts that are still in good condition. The great thing about salvage yards is that they will take the car regardless if it runs or not. Once they buy the car they will wait to see if anyone, mainly those who repair cars, will come by and purchase any of the parts. If no one comes by they will sell the metal body to scrap metal companies. This is how the salvage companies make the bulk of their money. Keep in mind that each salvage yard is different and will therefore have different rules and conditions.

How To Junk A Car For The Best Price

You will need to know the current rates if you want to get the best deal. Your first line of business is to call a few salvage yards in your area. Find out how the car needs to be prepared. Some companies will take the car as is without the need to dismantle it. The catch however is that the car must still drive in order to get it to the salvage yard. And while this is a great option, it is also the one that pays the least amount of money. If you want to make the most money you will need to dismantle the car.

You can either do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. There are also companies that will come by your home and pick up the car for you. You just have to choose the option that is best for you. If you know how to use a torch it is a good idea to cut the car up. Once you have it cut up you can load it onto a trailer and haul it to the salvage yard.

Generally speaking you will get more money when you dismantle the car yourself. This is because the employees at the salvage yard won’t have to do as much work. Make sure you separate all the parts of the car. Try to organize them to make things easier. If they are somewhat organized the salvage yard will be able to go through everything quicker and give you a price.

Make sure you empty all fluids in the car and properly dispose of them. Remove the tires and discard of them. Salvage yards don’t pay for old tires. You should also remove all of the belts and hoses attached to the engine and put them in their own separate pile. Once you have the car completely dismantled, its time to load it onto a trailer and get ready to junk the car. Be sure to load all the iron and metal parts as well. Wait until you load the car on the trailer before you remove the tires. Doing so will make it easier for you to get the car on the trailer.

The last way how to junk a car is by using a junk removal service. This is by far the best option and requires the least amount of work. These services basically do everything for you. The great thing about junk removal services is that they will take the car in any condition. They will give you a check and tow the car away for free.

Tips To Show You How To Junk Your Car Very Easily

If you want to junk a car you will first need to contact a junk removal service. And while there are many junk removal services out there, the most reliable ones tend to be the Licensed Companies. They usually offer the most money for the cars they buy and you are guaranteed that the vehicle paperwork will be properly transferred.

When you contact the service they will ask you a few questions about the car you want to junk. Once they have all the information they need they will quote you a price. If you accept, they will schedule a date and time to come pick up the vehicle. Once they pick up your vehicle they will either give you cash or send you a check in the mail.

Each company is different and will do things a little different. Ask how payment is made before you agree to have your vehicle picked up. After the vehicle has been removed from your property, you are no longer responsible for it as long as you used a company LICENSED with the DMV Online. It now belongs to the junk removal service. Most companies will require the Title or Registration to ensure you are the owner of the car and have the right to sell it to them. Most will even ask that you surrender the Title to them. Again, each company is different so ask these questions in advance.

And there you have it, three great ways how to junk a car. The one you choose is totally up to you. Do your research and find the one that is best for you.



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