If you have a late-model or obsolete automobile, it can be hard to get rid of them when they stop running. There is always that belief that you can get them running again when you catch up on some bills or make some time to diagnose the problem. Yet, the reality is that these vehicles start to become dangerous lawn ornaments that rarely transform into the dream machines that you had planned. Luckily, we buy junk cars at Long Island Recyclers and allow you to move on with your life and invest your time and money in something better.

Why is it Bad to Keep Junk Cars?

Junk cars are dangerous to keep on your property. The city can cite you for violations when you fail to remove eyesores and unregistered vehicles from your property. Furthermore, the longer that a junk car sits, the greater the risk of it developing rust, rat infestations, wasp nests, spider nests, and leaking toxic fluids into your soil. This does a disservice to your home and your community. The worst-case scenario is if children start to play near the car and are injured.

We buy junk cars all the time that are half rusted out. The owners had them sitting and did not pay attention to the water leaking through the door seals. The floor pans and carpet fill up with water and rust out practically overnight. The earth, itself, can start to transfer moisture as the car starts to sink into the ground. Even high grass can collect dew in the morning and accelerate oxidation. And once a vehicle passes a certain threshold of disrepair, it will cost more than a new Cadillac in manual labor and parts to bring it back to life.

Despite the irrational desire of junk car owners to hang onto their vehicles, their interests are better served when they part with them. They can find a newer vehicle or something that has been maintained properly or restored. Buying a version of whatever you wanted from someone else will always be much cheaper and easier than fabricating the project car from scratch.

We buy junk cars that even a professional mechanic would not waste his time trying to repair. The electrical systems can get damaged on newer cars and cause permanent no-start issues that simply take far too much time to repair. Sorting through wiring, wiring diagrams, and seeking out the sources of electrical gremlins can take months.

When we buy junk cars, we scrap them for whatever quality parts remain and recycle the metal to get the optimal value out of a dead auto. We pay fast cash, haul your car away for free, and relieve you of any worries. How do I get the most money for junk cars near me you ask? Call us today to obtain a quote on your junker 24 Hours/7 Days.

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