There comes a time in everyone’s driving career when their car becomes completely useless. In no way can it be sold to a different person to drive, and no way can you afford to fix it yourself. One option you have is junk car removal, where a company will come and remove your vehicle with no cost to you. In fact, they will pay you for the service. These companies are happy to buy your clunker and include the junk car towing for free.

When you junk your car, the buyer will either salvage the vehicle (when the insurer claims the car’s damage will cost at least 70% of its current value to fix and the car is then recycled or rebuilt by someone else), sell it in an auction, or sell it out to wholesale buyers. No matter how destroyed you may believe your vehicle to be, junk car removal places will take it. To determine the amount of compensation for your vehicle, they look at the title status (clean, rebuilt or salvage), location, year, make, model, and the damage areas.

Though it seems like a lot of work to junk your car, it actually takes three steps: calling around to different companies to find the best price they’ll pay, presenting the title and registration when they arrive to pick up your vehicle, and depending on the company, you may have to take your title and the form they give you to your local DMV to surrender the License Plates. Three easy steps with money in your pocket. Junk car removal is an easy way to get that clunker out of your driveway.

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