When you finally decide to exchange your junk cars for cash, the car which you have been told has a negative value (a car may need $2000 in repairs, after which you can then sell it for just a thousand bucks) may actually be worth a few dollars in your pocket instead of out of pocket. The eventual value may differ from one buyer to another, though there are a few simple ways in which you can make sure that you are getting top dollar for your junk vehicle.


Junk Cars for Cash: Assess the Value of Your Car Properly


It doesn’t make much business sense to sell your junk car—or anything for that matter—without making a proper assessment as to its probable selling value. By making a list of all the parts that work and of parts that do not or have been removed, it may give you a more accurate and realistic price expectation. Make sure you note the condition of the car’s interior as well as of the tires.


There is also another practical reason why you should be able to describe the condition of your junk car accurately. Potential junk buyers over the phone or over the Internet will need to ask a few questions as to the car’s condition. You should be able to furnish factual answers in order for these buyers to offer a fair price for the junk car’s purchase.


Junk Cars for Cash: Find Out if You Can Sell Your Car Parts Quickly


Some models of cars have a steady or even desperate number of potential customers trying their best to find replacement parts for their own cars. Some of these parts can be very hard to find, especially if the car manufacturer has discontinued making that particular model and if the model sold very few cars to begin with.


Some parts are so rare that you may unwittingly be selling your car for a lower price than the value of a specific part. So check a few local car publications and check the Internet for interested buyers. Only when you have disposed the car of sellable parts should you consider selling it as a junk car.


Junk Cars for Cash: Look For Potential Buyers


Chances are, there will be more than one possible buyer for your junk car no matter how dilapidated it may be. You don’t have to settle for the first offer you receive; make sure you consult other junk car buyers so that you can compare the offers.


Part of the offer will be a towing service. Some may offer it for a price, while others may provide it for free. Consider the price of the towing service to compute the net offer of each buyer. Make sure that if your car has certain special conditions attached to it, such as if you have misplaced your title papers or if it has a lien attached, that the buyers are all informed.

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